Below is the Call for Papers for QFP’s 2021 Conference.

What are the sociopolitical factors shaping and connecting far-right discourses on gender and sexuality in the Middle East and Europe?

In this section, we are interested in understanding how issues of sex, sexuality, gender, and intimacy have gained currency among the far right. We want to explore the historical continuities and cross-regional overlaps in how the far right address these issues. We welcome studies that unpack the heterogeneities and inconsistencies of these discourses and practices from an intersectional perspective.

  • Immigration, LGBTQ diaspora, post-migrant complexities
  • Colonialism and its legacies
  • COVID-19
  • Conspiracy theories, digital media
  • Globalism, neoliberalism, neoliberal Islam
  • Racism, xenophobia, anti-Muslim racism
  • Structural and institutional misogyny

What are the discourses, practices, and collective actions that have been enacted against political homophobia and anti-feminism, and related social justice issues, in local, regional, and transnational contexts?

In this section, we focus on how individuals, groups, and communities respond to far-right politics regarding sex, sexuality, gender, and intimacy.

  • Activism
  • Grassroots movements
  • Civil society organizations
  • Art, LGBTQ collectives, women collectives
  • Academica, Gender Studies as a discipline, academic freedom